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  • Moka-Pot-Hero-Preview

    THE Italian way to brew coffee

    The Moka Express was a revolutionary invention created by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. With its art deco design, the…

  • dont-be-alarmed

    Renovate the Buzz

    Don’t be alarmed, but your café is being subconsciously judged by your customers. Spicing up your menu and modernizing…

  • IMG_6089

    The Importance Of The Barista

    Barista (/bəˈriːstə, -ˈrɪstə/; Italian: ; from the Italian for “bartender”) is an amazing coffeehouse employee, whose God given right is…

  • nitro coffee in cup with soft-focus and over light in the background

    Infuse Your Menu With Nitro

    Nitrogen-infused coffee isn’t necessarily a new concept, but Friedrichs’ head roaster, Sammy, shares why he thinks nitro coffee will...

  • Friedrichs - Hourly vs Salary

    Satisfaction Pays

    Employers must consider the benefits of salaried versus hourly employment options in everything from hiring to budgeting to scheduling….

  • Friedrichs - Cafe Cleaning - 7-19-2019_4

    Keep it clean!

    Keep it Clean Cleaning is something most people would add to the con side of a pros and cons...

  • Cafe-owner-startup-boutique-merchandise

    Move that Merch! (Marketing Cafe Merchandise)

    Successfully marketing merchandise is a strategic process. The good news is we found a tried-and-true four-ingredient recipe “The Marketing...

  • aleksander-borzenets-P1cZgLuNgRY-unsplash

    How important is it to invest in your Barista’s training?

    When it comes to the foundational elements of marketing a cafe or coffee shop, you generally start with the…

  • ginger-lemon Team

    Friedrichs’ Co-Owner Colleen, Talks about her Exper’teas’

    “When we first started Friedrichs, I didn’t like coffee”, says Colleen, one of the two owners of Friedrichs Coffee…

  • tyler-nix-482755-unsplash

    What is the most popular Flavored Coffee?

    We pride ourselves on roasting the highest quality beans, sourced directly from the origin, straight to the purist that…