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  • Cold-Brew-Pour

    ColdBrew 101

    We’ve even been asked to present at CoffeeFest over the past few years on ColdBrew. We call this series:…

  • Cafe-imports-friedrichs-part-1

    Friedrichs X Cafe Imports Part 1

    We took a day to drive up to Minneapolis, MN for a cupping and tour of Cafe Imports’ amazing…

  • IMG_9875

    Cafe Focus: Caliber Coffee Co.

    Tell us about your shop, Caliber Coffee, and what makes you guys unique? 

    Caliber Coffee Co. is a community centered…

  • native-coffee-co-800437-unsplash

    How much is too much – cafe menu diversity?

    It’s tough to sell JUST coffee, and remain highly profitable. Having a diverse menu is a way to keep...

  • Ethiopia-Origin-wholesale-roast-2

    Farm Focus – Ethiopia

    The Wolichu Wachu washing station was founded in 2017 and serves 4,500 local smallholder producers in and around the…

  • Cover-Cafe-Wholesale-Conferece

    CoffeeFest NYC Tour [Video]

    Friedrich’s was at Coffeefest NYC earlier this month, were you?! We had a blast with all of our friends...

  • nathan-dumlao-714163-unsplash

    Top reasons why independent cafes fail.

    According to, out of the top 14 reasons why small business fail, 9 of them are focused on...

  • stephanie-liverani-458274-unsplash

    Does the type of mug affect the taste of your coffee?

    Believe it or not, it does! Or at least it’s perceived that way. Let’s start with how you choose...

  • daniel-norris-319531-unsplash

    3 Steps to marketing your Coffee Shop better

    It takes a lot to be a cafe owner. Accounting, managing people and products, publicizing, inventory … being oversubscribed...

  • Milk-layout

    What is the most common question,
    after ordering a coffee?

    Room for cream and sugar?  Or for some of you, do you want coffee to your milk 😉 So when did we start adding milk to our coffee? It hasn’t always been...