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Cafe Owners

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    Keep it clean!

    Keep it Clean Cleaning is something most people would add to the con side of a pros and cons list. However, we’ve found that making incremental changes to your café cleaning routine will make a monumental difference in service during shifts and in the after-hours wind-down.         Set the Standard Organization of the workspace is a crucial step

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    Move that Merch! (Marketing Cafe Merchandise)

    Successfully marketing merchandise is a strategic process. The good news is we found a tried-and-true four-ingredient recipe “The Marketing Mix,” which frames a merchandising structure that won’t overwhelm customers at checkout. The best part is it’s customizable, so anyone can replicate the structure while keeping it on brand.       It may seem aggressive to have a process for

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    How important is it to invest in your Barista’s training?

    When it comes to the foundational elements of marketing a cafe or coffee shop, you generally start with the 4 P’s. Price, Place, Promotion and last but not least, PRODUCT.Coffee drinkers have lots of options these days. No matter how inexpensive your coffee is, no matter how good your location is, people will drive somewhere else, or walk a few extra blocks, if you’re…

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    Friedrichs’ Co-Owner Colleen, Talks about her Exper’teas’

    “When we first started Friedrichs, I didn’t like coffee”, says Colleen, one of the two owners of Friedrichs Coffee Roasters. “But I loved tea. So I knew I wanted to start small, but we were conscious of how expensive tea can get. Another thing that we saw in the tea market, was how stale and dated tea bags can get in cafes, given that…

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    What is the most popular Flavored Coffee?

    We pride ourselves on roasting the highest quality beans, sourced directly from the origin, straight to the purist that drinks straight espresso. But not everyone has the same palette. The aroma is absolutely part of the drinking experience, as we mentioned in one of our previous posts.So why do we roast flavored coffee? Simply because we want to provide the best experience with coffee,…

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    ColdBrew 101

    We’ve even been asked to present at CoffeeFest over the past few years on ColdBrew. We call this series: Coldbrew 101.

  • Cafe-imports-friedrichs-part-1

    Friedrichs X Cafe Imports Part 1

    We took a day to drive up to Minneapolis, MN for a cupping and tour of Cafe Imports’ amazing facility!

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    Cafe Focus: Caliber Coffee Co.

    Tell us about your shop, Caliber Coffee, and what makes you guys unique? 

    Caliber Coffee Co. is a community centered cafe. We live, work, and play in the Donelson community, we’re just regular people with a heart to serve our neighbors and be more than just a cafe to quench thirst and shake hunger; but to offer the intangible: belonging, inclusion, friendship and connection…

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    How much is too much – cafe menu diversity?

    It’s tough to sell JUST coffee, and remain highly profitable. Having a diverse menu is a way to keep regular’s interested, and a way to attract new customers. Also being able to add different menu items, such as seasonal drinks, affords you opportunities to create higher margin products. Let’s explore a couple of these points and more, on why diversifying

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    Farm Focus – Ethiopia

    The Wolichu Wachu washing station was founded in 2017 and serves 4,500 local smallholder producers in and around the town of Haro Wachu, in the Urga district of Guhi in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The average producer here farms on half a hectare of land, and delivers coffee in cherry form to the washing station, where it is processed as necessary….