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Author archive for Sammy

  • Cafe-owner-startup-boutique-merchandise

    Move that Merch! (Marketing Cafe Merchandise)

    Successfully marketing merchandise is a strategic process. The good news is we found a tried-and-true four-ingredient recipe “The Marketing...

  • aleksander-borzenets-P1cZgLuNgRY-unsplash

    How important is it to invest in your Barista’s training?

    When it comes to the foundational elements of marketing a cafe or coffee shop, you generally start with the…

  • ginger-lemon Team

    Friedrichs’ Co-Owner Colleen, Talks about her Exper’teas’

    “When we first started Friedrichs, I didn’t like coffee”, says Colleen, one of the two owners of Friedrichs Coffee…

  • tyler-nix-482755-unsplash

    What is the most popular Flavored Coffee?

    We pride ourselves on roasting the highest quality beans, sourced directly from the origin, straight to the purist that…

  • Cold-Brew-Pour

    ColdBrew 101

    We’ve even been asked to present at CoffeeFest over the past few years on ColdBrew. We call this series:…

  • Cafe-imports-friedrichs-part-1

    Friedrichs X Cafe Imports Part 1

    We took a day to drive up to Minneapolis, MN for a cupping and tour of Cafe Imports’ amazing…

  • IMG_9875

    Cafe Focus: Caliber Coffee Co.

    Tell us about your shop, Caliber Coffee, and what makes you guys unique? 

    Caliber Coffee Co. is a community centered…

  • native-coffee-co-800437-unsplash

    How much is too much – cafe menu diversity?

    It’s tough to sell JUST coffee, and remain highly profitable. Having a diverse menu is a way to keep...

  • Ethiopia-Origin-wholesale-roast-2

    Farm Focus – Ethiopia

    The Wolichu Wachu washing station was founded in 2017 and serves 4,500 local smallholder producers in and around the…

  • Cover-Cafe-Wholesale-Conferece

    CoffeeFest NYC Tour [Video]

    Friedrich’s was at Coffeefest NYC earlier this month, were you?! We had a blast with all of our friends...