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Author archive for Sammy

  • Friedrichs - Whats the Tea Part One - 3-14-2020_1

    What’s the Tea? – Part One

    When we ask, “What’s the tea?” we’re not looking for gossip — we want to talk about actual tea!…

  • Friedrichs - Host with the Most - 3-7-2020_2

    Host with the Most

    Hosting events in your café can increase foot traffic, boost sales and generate free word-of-mouth advertising. Partnering with organizations…

  • Friedrichs - Tips on Tips - 2-29-2020_2

    A Few Tips on Tips

    What is the appropriate way to tip a barista? Similar questions are constantly asked in the service industry for…

  • Friedrichs - Word to the WiFi Wise - 2-22-2020_3

    Word to the Wi-Fi Wise

    We currently live in a world that prioritizes staying connected digitally over nearly everything else. After all, if you…

  • Title-image

    Just how important is the packaging for your beans?

    Many cafe owners know that there is a certain loyalty exhibited when a customer purchases beans from your cafe…

  • image

    The season is here

    You can probably tell by the weather, or the music, or the décor; that it is time for the…

  • kids-coffee

    3 mysteries about cafes – Solved!

    Among all of the fad and unique offerings that cafes use to seduce you through their doors, let’s look…

  • Pumpkin Pie

    ’Tis the Season

    Technological advances open new opportunities for café owners. Does a line exist where the technology overwhelms the experience, or…

  • employee-relations

    Employee Relations

    Now raise hand if you HAVE ever worked with her best friend.
    Have you ever vouched for a friend, begged…

  • coffee-to-go-drive-thru

    How to begin a thriving drive through cafe.

    It’s no doubt that from a business perspective, a drive through is a massive value add. We all want…