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3 mysteries about cafes – Solved!


Among all of the fad and unique offerings that cafes use to seduce you through their doors, let’s look at a few that we can explain pretty easily. There are some common techniques that we hope you can better appreciate, and potentially add to your cafe experience.

Sparkling water with your espresso.

Affectionately referred to as the ‘Sidecar’, this pairing is most common in third wave cafes. People who want to focus on the nuances of the straight espresso shot could use the sparkling or soda water for a few reasons. The first of which is pretty straight forward, to wash out any toothpaste or crumbs from that yummy croissant. This would make the case to drink the water before the espresso.

Another reason to gulp down some bubbly water is to cleanse your palette. This would be the case if you were eating or drinking something along with your espresso. Lastly, there is some research that suggests that the acidity of the water balances out any acidity in the espresso.

I'll take a kid's size coffee please!

While we cafe owners would all love to have exclusively coffee aficionados frequent our shop, the reality is that we have an extremely wide audience to appeal to. When families arrive, it makes the most sense to appeal to all ages. Kid-friendly drinks are not uncommon in restaurants but can get quite elaborate in cafes. Drinks that have whip cream and sprinkles, with names akin to their caffeine induced brethren, are super popular. But is coffee really bad for kids?

While often there is a myth that coffee will ‘stunt the growth of kids’ there is no real science behind this. Coffee consumption may decrease the absorption of of calcium, but it’s quite a stretch to suggest that this would impact their overall health. (Lots of research here)

Capitalizing on the opportunity of more kids being out of school and visiting cafes with their parents, it would be prudent for cafe owners to consider kid-friendly (and even pet friendly) drink options. While we’re not suggesting to load kids up with espresso, there is a playful way to engage and delight the whole family.

Coffee, the best post Thanksgiving diet.

Though coffee does have a small effect on your metabolism, it is not significant enough to cause you to shed a few pounds. Some have claimed that a thermogenic process is enhanced by the consumption of coffee, but almost all reports show that it’s not a large enough contributor to loose weight.

Don’t forget, that is if you take your coffee straight, while most people order milk, or sugar or other additives in their drink, further inhibiting the ability to claim coffee as the miracle diet drink!