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THE Italian way to brew coffee


The Moka Express was a revolutionary invention created by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. With its art deco design, the aluminum stovetop pot transformed—and simplified—the art of coffee making. (1)

This stovetop espresso maker is considered THE Italian way to brew coffee, particularly at home. We give you six easy steps to brewing your own café-quality espresso at home.


Grind 1 ½ tablespoons of coffee. It should be ground as finely as you would for a shot of espresso.


Boil water. Fill the bottom half of the moka pot with boiled water.


Fill the filter basket with coffee grounds. Even out the grounds with a gentle shake then place the filter in the bottom section.


Screw on the spouted top of the moka pot. Be careful: The bottom compartment is hot!

Place the pot on the stove. Set the burner to medium heat.


Watch your pot. As the water in the bottom of the pot nears boiling, it will pressure a stream of coffee through the upper chamber. This will happen slowly and purposefully. An indicator your water is too hot is if the coffee bursts upward. Similarly, your water is not hot enough if it sluggishly gurgles. How will you know your espresso is ready? It’ll let you know with a hissing, bubbling sound!