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Renovate the Buzz


Don’t be alarmed, but your café is being subconsciously judged by your customers. Spicing up your menu and modernizing your merch are both important ways to stay relevant in our culture of ever-changing trends, but these steps have the potential to be overshadowed by outdated décor and generic art hanging prominently on your café wall. Aligning your café with cultural trends—while staying true to your brand—can be impactful on your ability to “wow” your patrons and build your business.

The average consumer will pay a significantly more to sip their coffee through a name-brand corrugated cup. Admittedly, the bulk of that cost is generated by the quality of the product, but the experience is just as important to consumers, if not more. Every detail of your café, from the customer service and quality ingredients to shop décor and ambiance, come together to create a branded experience that customers will remember and gravitate toward.

The key is to identify areas that need updated and prioritizing them on a scale of

Most Needed –> to –> Dream Café

The updates your café needs the most are often the costliest. Finding creative, cost-effective ways to freshen your café’s aesthetic will dramatic difference and buy you some time until you can afford to prioritize one of the bigger-ticket list items.

You could:

  • Reupholstering your café furniture to give it a more modern feel. This will catch the eye of your regulars and breathe freshness into the aesthetic of your café.
  • Repurpose a small table from a local thrift store to create a statement piece. This is a playful way to feature daily or monthly specials, market merchandise or place menus.
  • Refreshing your wall art by issuing a competition for wall space for local artists. This can be a mutually-beneficial consignment agreement and establishes a deeper sense of community connectedness.

Renovations in your shop don’t have to be overwhelming or halt business, though those kinds of projects are sometimes necessary. There are many ways to reinvigorate your café that will reignite the buzz in your business. You are the author of your café’s branded, aesthetic story. Have some fun, and check out our new cafe refresh!