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  • What is the most common question,
    after ordering a coffee?


    Room for cream and sugar?  Or for some of you, do you want coffee to your milk 😉 So when did we start adding milk to our coffee? It hasn’t always been this way. Time for a super brief history lesson. If you are familiar with coffee origins, you know that coffee primarily began in Ethiopia and Arabian peninsula. This area isn’t particularly known for it ‘drinking of milk’. So then where did

  • Farm Focus – Colombia


  • Cafe Focus: The CoffeeSmith


    Tell us about your shop, The Coffeesmith, and what makes you guys unique?   The Coffeesmith’s goal is to fill the gap between second wave and third wave coffee. While we are not as intense as third wave shops, we serve traditional espresso drinks and attempt to push the envelope on unique flavor combinations.  At the same time, we also make sweet drinks like

  • Traditional Espresso Shot vs Ristretto Shot:
    Which has more flavor?


    Have you ever order something from the menu, and you didn’t know what one of the ingredients was? Or not sure if it even was an ingredient?It’s not uncommon to use context clues to try and determine the taste of a dish or drink that you don’t know all of the words in. Enter ristretto. Ristretto isn’t a flavor at

  • Confluence x Friedrichs Coffee –
    Grays Lake Nessie with Hazelnut Coffee

    Confluence-Brewery-PReview Image

    Confluence Brewing Co partnered with Friedrich’s Coffee to create a beer that is as one-of-a-kind as its name; Grays Lake Nessie with Hazelnut Coffee! In the video we go behind the scenes and show how the product was canned.